Hi, I'm Malin!

I’m an illustrator and animator based in Hamburg. My biggest drive in the creative process is to tell stories and to emotionalize. The medium of course plays a crucial role but for me it’s only a means to an end and not defining. I work analog as well as digital. For traditional art I mostly use a mixed technique of watercolors, gouache and colored pencils.

Currently I’m working more in the direction of animation – my passion for illustration is always the basis but it’s the combination of image, movement and sound that inspires me.

What I find particularly fascinating about my profession is the ability to touch people and thus to be able to exert influence on major issues within the framework of my own possibilities. 


2019-2021: HAW Hamburg | MA Media Illustration 

2019: awarded for Best Graduation Project

2014-2019: MSD Münster | BA Design (Illustration and Media Design)

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